Al Salam Investments was established in 2005 in Jordan, a licensed financial market’s intermediary service provider focused on the Amman stock exchange. Over the years the brokerage operation grew out of the local shell and expanded to the global capital, equities and money markets, today Al Salam Investments is a leading multi asset broker serving over 10,000 clients world wide.

Founder’s Message

 To our valued customers, partners and friends, I have focused throughout my career to seek out the highest grade of professionals and experts in the financial sector, and over the past 16 years succeeded in putting together and maintaining a very special group of intellectual scientifically driven talents that were able to help me create the body and soul of Al Salam Investments. My life long mission to establish a safe and reliable investment channel that enables individuals to access a world of opportunities formerly exclusive to the elites of the rich

Dr. Mohammed Nasser Abu Hammour

And big corporations has come to life thanks to the determination and skills of my team. I learned at an early stage of my career that in the business of money, only trust and transparency can take a business the long way and drive its growth, and here at Al Salam Investments we instill a culture of trust and transparency as our moto and code of conduct. We are and will continue to be mission focused and customer oriented for the centuries to come, and stay on the forefront of maintaining integrity in the personal wealth sector.”

Why Us

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Licensed By The Jordan Securities Commission.

Alsalam License

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Competitive Pricing

Connected To Over 30 Liquidity Sources We Are Able To Continuously And Accurately Provide You Access To The Best Prices And Tactical Order Fulfillment With Spreads Reaching As Low As 0.00 Pips.

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Fast Execution

Order Execution Speed Is An Important Factor That Can Drastically Affect Your Trading Activities, Taking That Into Consideration We Have Researched Over The Years And By Practice Identified The Optimal Servers’ Configurations And Locations. Our Servers Are Strategically Located Around The World At Close Proximity To Market Places And Optimized To Guarantee The Fastest Possible Execution Speeds From Order Taking To Order Fulfilment.

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Accounts Supervision And Support In Advance

 At Al Salam Investments We Realise That A Core Factor Of Success Is Staying Up To Date With All The Technical And Fundamental Theories And Practices. Use Words Like Follow Up, This Section Is Dealt To Shed Light On Our Customer Support Quality

Our Vision

To keep the client in the center of our focus and sustain the integrity of personal wealth management sector.
Manifest and maintain an innovative culture that enables for a healthy and reliable trading environment for all our clients.

Our Mission

We strive to be the pioneers of the future of retail investing and the chosen channel to maneuver the ever growing global markets. Al-Salam Investments was founded by traders for traders that understand the true opportunities global markets have to offer.

Al- Salam Investments Trading Environment

We strive for excellence in every corner and rely on science to structure and offer products and services. By smoothening your trading experience through technology, we aim to reduce the barriers to navigate the markets laying in your trading journey.

At the core of high-quality environments lay metrics we work by such as:

  • Reliability and security of the trading platforms.
  • Round the clock customer support services availability.
  • Availability of technical and charting tools.
  • High grade fundamental market reports and research.
  • Here to provide you access to the trading environment you need to lead your investments with confidence and provide you easy access to a wide range of investment instruments such as: Forex, Commodities, Stocks, CFD’s, Options and more.

    Foundation Story

    Al-Salam Investments was founded in 2005 by Dr Mohammad Abu-Hamour who pioneered in the fields of finance and economics having served as the Minister of Finance in Jordan before continuing his career in the private sector. With over 100 years of trading and investing experience between its directors and a team of over 60 professionals, Al-Salam Investments is a leader in financial services and offers services designed around the modern day investor.

    Amman Stock Exchange

    Among other markets, Al Salam Investments provides direct access to the Amman Stock Exchange. Having served clients in the local market for over 10 years, we have succeeded in sustaining the highest grade of customer support quality and reliability of all networks and trading channels.

    Jordan Securities Commission

    Al Salam Investments is a regulated broker licensed by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC)

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