Gold continues to be the most popular investment in precious metal despite this level of speculation. Gold has been a mysterious symbol of value and wealth for centuries. Certainly, trading precious metals provides a unique investment opportunity; it offers the traders chance to diversify and expand their portfolio. Salaminv provides traders the power to trade efficiently and effectively; with a high leverage and dedicated support. Many traders choose to diversify their risk by trading gold especially during market volatility and uncertain political or economic times. In such times the value of gold usually tends to fluctuate as it is regarded as a safe-haven. Market volatility adds opportunities to traders and may hold significant returns. Trading precious metals is similar to forex trading. You can trade gold just like trading currency pairs; you can take a long or short position. Salaminv made it easy to trade both precious metals and forex on the same online trading platform

SymbolDescriptionContract SizeExecutionSpreadStopsTick SizeOrder ValidityMargin on Hedge(Per Lot)
GOLD (XAUUSD)Spot Gold1 LOT = 100 OZMARKET30 Cents (0.30)1.0 $0.01GTCZero
SILVER (XAGUSD)Spot Silver1 LOT = 5,000 OZMARKET3 Cents (0.030)5 cents0.001GTCZero