• Currency and exchange trading anywhere in the world
  • Built-in market analysis tools: 30 technical indicators and 24 analytical objects
  • Full-featured trading system with Market Depth and all types of trade execution
  • Netting and hedging position accounting systems
  • Full set of trade orders, including pending and stop-orders
  • 3 chart types and 9 timeframes
  • Built-in chat, financial news, alerts and push notifications
  • Extended version for iPad
  • 9 timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN
  • 30 most popular technical indicators
  • 24 analytical objects
  • news of financial markets
  • free mobile chat and email

How Can I Gain Access To The Mt5 Platform?

To start trading on the MT5 platform you need to have a verified trading account with Al Salam Investments. Once the account is verified, you will receive your log in credentials and instructions via email.

How Do I Get My Mt5 Account Validated?

Follow the instruction in the welcoming email and upload your KYC documents (i.e. Proof of Identity and Proof of Residency).

What Instruments Can I Trade On Mt5?

All FX pairs, commodities, stocks, and ETFs are available to trade on the MT5 platform.

How To Access IOS Mt5

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Open App Store On Your Iphone. Locate Metatrader5 In App Store By Entering The Term Metatrader5 In The Search Field. Click The Metatrader Icon To Install The Software To Your iPhone.

Rectangle 8-svg 2

Now You Will Be Prompted To Select Between Login With Existing Account /Open A Demo Account. On Clicking Either Login With Existing Account/Open A Demo Account, A New Window Opens. Enter Alsalamfinancialinv In The Search Field. Click The Alsalamfinancialinv-Demo Icon If You Have A Demo Account, Or Alsalamfinancialinv-Live If You Have A Real Account.

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Enter Your Login And Password. Start Trading On Your Iphone.