Al Salam Investment’s Story


Dr. Mohammed Nasser Abu Hammour

The founder of Al Salam Investments

It's a long story of dedication and devotion that began in Jordan in 2005 with the goal of opening up new financial channels for the public. Everyone in this establishment has worked hard to make Al-Salam Investments a leading local broker with direct access to global markets.

As a result, Al-Salam Investments has evolved into a multi-asset market leader, providing a prosperous haven for 10,000 clients seeking financial independence. Together, we created a reliable, healthy, and transparent trading environment for everyone.

“To our valued customers, partners, and friends, I have focused throughout my career on seeking out the highest grade of professionals and experts in the financial sector. And over the past 16 years, I have succeeded in putting together and maintaining a very special group of intellectually and scientifically driven talents, that were able to help me create the body and soul of Al-Salam Investments.

Thanks to the determination and skills of my team, my lifelong mission to establish a safe and reliable investment channel that enables individuals to access a world of opportunities, has come to life. I learned at an early stage of my career that in the business of money, only trust and transparency can take a business the long way and drive its growth, and here at Al Salam Investments, we instill a culture of trust and transparency as our motto and code of conduct. We are and will continue to be mission-focused and customer-oriented for centuries to come and stay on the forefront of maintaining integrity in the personal wealth sector.”

Al-Salam Investments

  • Al-Salam Investments is regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), and is dedicated to assisting everyone in making better trading decisions.

  • That is how being a part of our inspiring community with guaranteed knowledge and the best high-tech tools can help your capital go a long way.

Who Can Trade With Al Salam?

Everyone! No matter what your background is!

I’m a beginner.

It doesn’t matter. Every master was once a beginner. We will help you make the best trading decisions with a small amount of money in thousands of financial markets. You will get exclusive access to brilliant tools and simple guides. Most importantly, a team of experts is willing to help you out! You might get overwhelmed when you start trading, but it cannot happen here because we have your back!

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I know something about trading.

You heard so much about trading and how it has become a life-changing game. So you navigated the internet to get an understanding of the process. It seems you are acknowledged, but some negative past attempts keep you skeptical. You will get access to insights, comparisons, and visually highlighted data to cut the hassle and put your plan into action.

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I am risk-averse.

There is no shame in being risk-averse. However, Al Salam Investments would never have come to light if we weren't risk-takers. We were grateful to take this risk and build this establishment to help thousands of people start planning for their lives. Start with a free demo, or create your live account, to get access to endless educational resources.

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I am an expert.

Welcome! Al Salam Investments will be your favorite way to spot unmissable opportunities in different markets. We've developed the highest standards for your funds based on our commitment to transparency. You will be alerted to any fluctuations in the market, and see a transparent summary of your real profits and losses, including margins, adjustments, and fees. Open up new resources and unleash untapped potential.

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I am old school

"Old is gold!" It doesn't matter if you’re tech-savvy or not when you choose the right application. Al Salam Investments will take you on a journey to identify all the features. You can ask our customer support team anything at any time, as they are waiting to communicate in your language. Additionally, you will have access to an insider guide that will answer all your inquiries.

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Advantages of Trading With Al Salam-Investements

  • Spreads as low as 0.00 pips.
  • An award-winning, innovative platform backed by brilliant tools.
  • A 24/6 customer support service.
  • Deeper insights into your profits and losses
  • High-tech security technology to protect your information.
  • Step-by-step guides to improve your trading strategies
  • Online space to chat with our seasoned clients

Al Salam Investments’ Strategic Partners

We are honored to work with such powerful partners, and we are confident that the list will grow indefinitely.