Al Salam Equities, a unit dedicated to stock traders provides you access to the global stock markets where trade real equity shares of all your favorite companies across the world with ease.

Invest in over 2 Million stocks, ETFs, & Options traded on global exchanges in the US, EU, MENA, UK, GCC & more.

Equities Policies & Regulations

Our objective is to provide you the fastest possible stable connection to global market places and allow you to benefit from Direct to the Exchange order execution. Empower your trading by benefiting from order marking through the mobile application or direct line call and access your personal broker 24/6 all under regulatory supervision of the Jordan Securities Commission “JSC”.

Equity Markets

Equity Shares

Equity shares more familiarly known as stocks, represent a piece of ownership in a publicly traded company. Who ever owns a stock owns the rights to collect dividends and vote with power equivalent to the overall percentage of ownership a stock represent in the company.

Trading CFDs

Investing In Shares

Cost Of Position


Cost Of Position


In the equity market, investors bid for stocks by offering a certain price, and sellers ask for a specific price. When these two prices match, a sale occurs. Often, there are many investors bidding on the same stock. When this occurs, the first investor to place the bid is the first to get the stock. When a buyer will pay any price for the stock, they are buying at market value; similarly, when a seller will take any price for the stock, they are selling at

market value.

Through Al Salam Investments you can access over 2,000,000 stocks, ETFs, & options

traded in global markets like the US, NA, EU, MENA, UK & GCC.


Al Salam Equities app is a full fledge stock trading platform powered by Global Trading Network “GTN” featuring advanced charting and research tools through a highly user friendly interface designed around the needs of today’s digital trader, invest in global stock markets and manage your portfolio with ease. The registration process is fully automated and 100% online, no paper work no hassle, click the “Sign Up” button to create your account now.

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